Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weekly update:

Well this week I have been researching  a lot on the next set of plugin's that I am working on. Depending on if I can get all the necessary information sorted out programming should start sometime next week. Following is a cryptic teaser on a special feature that I am researching.

Preliminary research for Skill_Usage looks very promising for a very special feature I want to include in it. I can't divulge any details at this time as I am still uncertain of if it will make it into the final version. If it does; however I am certain that it will make this plugin even more useful. More teasers to come in the future on this.

Let me know if there are any additional features you guys might want, as right now it will be easier for me to implement.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Up next:

For the next set of plugins I will be writing for RPGmaker MV will be my Skill_Usage and Time_Machine from RPGmaker VX Ace. I plan on adding a few extra features to Skill_Usage, Time_Machine seeing extra features depends on if I can find extra features to put in it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Description: This plugin allows you to have achievements inside an RPG maker MV game. It is highly flexible allowing you to program your own achievement scene or to use one of the achievement scene style plugins I have provided.

- Global achievements
- Non-global achievements
- Achievement auto checking
- Achievement sealing (disallows extra achievements from being added over what you want)
- Tie achievements to switches or variables

Script calls:
SAR.achievements.achievementSwitch(global, name, description, gameSwitchID, reward, icon, bool)
global = number 1 or 0
name = string
description = string
gameSwitchID = number
reward = number
icon = number
bool = optional true or false (false is default)

SAR.achievements.achievementVariable(global, name, description, gameVariableID, limit, reward, icon, bool)
global = number 1 or 0
name = string
description = string
gameVariableID = number
limit = number (this is what the gameVariable must equal to recieve the achievement)
reward = number
icon = number
bool = optional true or false (false is default)

Plugin commands:
SarleccAchievementsSwitch global name description gameVariableID limit reward

SarleccAchievementsVariable global name description gameVariableID limit reward

*Note that the description value uses periods "." to bind words to its self. i.e:

Screen shots:

Non-Commercial links.
Github link: SAR_MVAchievements.js
Github link: Achievement_scene_style1.js

Credit Sarlecc

For commercial use license:
Shop $5.99

Comes with the following bonus':
Demo, pdf manual, SAR_POPUP, an additional achievement scene style, a plugin that displays particle explosions, and js-expression-eval (for convenience as SAR_POPUP uses it). It also includes some basic graphics (shown above in the screen shots) and a sound effect.

Credit Sarlecc, Matthew Crumley, Chad Engler

TERMS: link

Authors notes: If you have any questions/issues/suggestions please feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form located to the right.

What's happening:

   Here's a short summary:
  • Due to lack of funds Hardly Working extended is being set aside yet again.
  • I will be selling commercial usage of my JavaScript plugins to help cover those costs.
  • Meaning I will be unable to provide them how I provided my Ruby scripts (i.e free to use in non-commercial and commercial).
  • I am also going to try and do a weekly post on my blog to try and keep everyone more updated on what I am doing.