Thursday, July 10, 2014

General FAQ

General FAQ

Q: Where does my game install to on a Windows machine?

A: C:\Users\Name\Desktop this is the default location on a machine running Windows. Name is your profile name.

Q: HELP my game screen is to small to see anything!

A: This is an issue with Windows 8. To get you the best screen size open your game folder and right click on the game icon. Click on properties and compatibility. Check the box for "Run in 640 * 480 resolution" then click apply. This will get you a game screen that is fairly close to the full screen size.

Q: My game is giving me an RTP not found error!!! Please help!

A: If you are getting this error open up the game folder. Open up the game.ini file and erase the line
that says RTP = "Text Here". In some cases there may not be anything after the RTP =. After you delete this line save the game.ini file then try playing the game again. Also if you get this error post a comment with the name of the game and I will fix asap.

Q: My question isn't answered here.....

A: If your question isn't answered here try the game related FAQ or post your question in a comment.

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