Saturday, August 23, 2014

Progress report 2.0! Cards, States and new enemy features.

Sarlecc here.

So it's been awhile since I posted anything (since I didn't really have a whole lot to post about). Here is a screen shot of every card that is currently in the game (new cards might show up later).

You may notice that there are several different colors being used for cards. So do the different colors mean anything you might wonder? While here is a simple breakdown:

Yellow/Green/Blue color cards don't really have a meaning.
Light blue cards i.e 600W Sun you will only get during PM hours.
Black cards you will only get during AM hours.
Red cards are holiday cards and will only be dropped on certain holidays.
Purple cards are special rare cards.

What is with the (U)/(?)/(CO) stuff mean?
(U) Means the card is rarer than normal some cards may even be rare without this tag though.
(?)  Means you found a special use card that is not used in the normal methods.
(CO) Christmas Only so I guess this would make it very very very rare


 States and new enemy features.

These greatly affect a battles outcome there is way over twenty states currently in the game. Most of these hinder the player in various ways though there are a few helping states:
i.e old version states


Some new monster states
Entanglement .......hindrance state
AGI insane start state
Drain HP healing with damage/poison player
Life shield can block hits now what?


Enemy skills.

Yes you heard right some enemies now have skills! These monsters you will start encountering in the medium level set and will continue throughout the hard level set. I don't really want to go into great detail yet on what you might expect from them though.


Enemy levels.

Enemies will level up every time you complete their respective level sets. This is to help prevent farming just one set of levels for cards/money. It is also to give end players a hardcore challenge how high a level can you make them.



Starting in the medium levels you will begin to encounter puzzles. Some puzzles change every time you repeat a level set (not sure how many of these I will do since they are extremely time consuming).


Progress on levels?

Yes I am making progress on them and right now it is where most of my time is being put. I currently need to make eight more.


Please feel free to post any suggestions you may have. ;)

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