Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Auto/System save files V1.0.1

Sarlecc here.

When my two testers kept dieing in my game and having to go back several minutes or more due to not saving; I decided to make an Auto save system. The following script was the result (go figure). Not only does it have the ability to Auto save based on a script call but it also allows you to have a System file. The System file can save variables and switches that can be loaded up on a new game creation.

 Place this script under Materials (and under Yanfly's save system if you are using it) and above Main.

Script calls:
i is the index number you want it to use
DataManager.load_settings(i) By default load_settings gets called when you
start a new game. But only if USE_SYSTEM_FILE is set to true.

Requirements: None though fully supports Yanfly's save system.

Sarlecc for Auto save and System files

Yanfly if you are using his save script

You may now call auto save with a key and display a message when said key is pressed.

Newest version
Old version(s)

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