Friday, November 28, 2014

Cheat Engine Delux (v1.1.0)

Sarlecc here.

   Have a new script here that I was working on off and on for awhile enjoy.

Cheat Engine Delux Version 1.1.0
    Author Sarlecc

    Have you ever wanted to have a cheat console for your games? Well now you can with huge customization.
    This script makes an in game cheat console that can take several cheat commands.

    This does not give players the ability to hack

    Moderate to Hard
    - Nine regular cheats.
    - One custom cheat with tons of ways to modify it.
    - Custom cheat can either be a string of text or numbers (numbers can even be random).
    - Can be used with switch/variable only cheats.
    - Can use it as a door console instead of a cheat console.
    - Can be used to answer riddles.
    - Probably tons of other ways this could be used.
    - Cheats can be up to 32 characters long!!!

    -  11/28/2014 - Made it so you can enable the ability to only use a cheat once.
    Yea screenshots not really needed as it looks the same as the name input
    How to Use
    Place script below Materials and above Main
    Script call:

    For other instructions see the demo (it covers the more complicated parts).
    Demo v1.0.0
    Demo v1.1.0
    Script v1.0.0
    Script v1.1.0
    None yet.
    - Sarlecc

    Author's Notes
    This script I wrote mostly between the hours of 1 and 4 am (took a few days of this). So there may be parts in the script that are overly complicated.
    You can add new cheats however you will also have to completely define what they do.

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