Saturday, September 12, 2015

Almost there.

"Hardly Working Extended" has moved into the final stages finally. What does that mean well to be put simply beta testing is done and working on install files, order processing, and various other little things.

Install files what does that entail?
Well in order for the a little bit more of a professional look it will give the user several options. First and foremost the ability to accept or decline an End User License Agreement. Gasp did Sarlecc say what we all heard? Yes this game will have an EULA. The next option the user will be faced with is where to install the game to and if they want a desktop shortcut. Then a fancy loading bar will be displayed showing the install progress :o. After the game is installed the user will be given one last option. Play game now or play later.

The install file will also place an uninstall file at the location that the game is installed too. Which if clicked walks the user through the gates of no return (otherwise known as removal of game data). How cool is that! Previously this had to be done manually.

Order processing what could that mean (sounds scary)?
When ever you buy an item online your order has to go through order processing. You buy an item order goes through and you get wait for it... An automatically sent Email congratulating you on your fine purchase. Yes this is one of the things that must be done. Otherwise how will you know if you bought it or not (Yes these email's do count as proof of purchase)?

But what about the other various little things you mentioned?
Those would be anything I forgot about well figuring out what needs to get done to finish and release the game. 

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