Friday, April 22, 2016

Up next:

For the next set of plugins I will be writing for RPGmaker MV will be my Skill_Usage and Time_Machine from RPGmaker VX Ace. I plan on adding a few extra features to Skill_Usage, Time_Machine seeing extra features depends on if I can find extra features to put in it.

Skill_Usage: Sure the first script was good and all though wouldn't it be great if you could collect even more data. Plans for the JS port include showing the most common state(s) you had when you used a skill. How much damage a skill has done total. The average amount of damage the skill does in a single hit. The number of times it added/removed a state. And if that's not all gather the same type of information from monsters. It may even have a note for the most used skill and the least used skill telling you that you may want to consider nerfing/buffing them.

Time_Machine: Since I haven't looked at this one for a few months. I really can't say how much extra paint it will receive yet.

As for an estimated release date: I really can't say on that either. It depends on how many issues I have porting the scripts over into plugins.

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