Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Update plus a discussion on random events

Progress on Skill_Usage has been slow this past week. Meaning I have very little to report on that. So instead I'm going to talk about random events.

What does it mean to be truly random? Some people might say that the flip of a coin or the roll of a die is random. But is it? Lets say you took a six sided die and rolled it well all ready you can predict with some amount of accuracy the result you might get. i.e a 1 to the number 6. This means that we can predict to some degree the outcome of rolling a die. Which in turn means that it can not be truly random. This is called pseudo-random.

So then what if we were to roll one hundred six sided dice? Well the possible outcomes is 1 * 6 ^ 100 or 6.5331862350007090609669026715806e+77. As you can see it would be rather impossible to accurately predict the total outcome. But because there is a limit to how many outcomes there are, it is still pseudo-random.

Truly random would be an event that happens that has no possible range of ever predicting. So if I were to throw a six sided die with the numbers 1 to 6 on them and got 20. Then that would be truly random as 20 was not in the range of possible numbers.

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