Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weekly update

Last week was a highly productive one with many code improvements being made. The skill usage plug-in now sorts actors from enemies and puts them in a separate database. This improves the organization and will help in readability. Also in theory it will now be capable of displaying the low and the high damage that the skill has done. The code already works on the server side. However I will have to rewrite my client side code quite a bit.

Lets look at some of the things I have been thinking of:
  1. Damage from skills that hit multiple enemies; should they calculate the total damage from those skills, the damage from the first target hit or the highest damage dealt. Personally I am leaning towards the total damage.
  2. This also means it might be a good idea to grab the amount of targets hit and send that to the server.
 That being said more testing is needed to figure out the best way of collecting this new data.

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